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Say "Hi" to one of our favorites.  This complete coffee, enhanced by the superb sweetness of high-grown Central American Coffees.  This blend offers good body and  a levitating richness that welcomes another sip.  This miracle cup of black gold is sure to get your day going with an amazing start.  It is also a great cup of coffee to get through the rest of day at lunch.  Try this coffee with a bold understanding that it goes excellent with any of our freshly made apple fritters, cakes, or our special donut of the month!



This dark blend of our Signature House of Donuts drip coffee is a perfect way to start your day. Try this with any of our Cake Donuts for a true smooth combination of donuts with coffee.  Taste the magic between theblend of three different coffees and two roasting styles that delivers everything you want in a coffee: body, depth and acidity. This coffee has excellent balance and complexity.



Have you ever seen a top-fuel dragster go from zero to 305 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds?  Well hold on to your coffee cup because this is the fastest cup of coffee on planet earth.  The House of Donuts NITRO DRIP COFFEE BLEND will get your day going in no time at all!  This coffee is amazing with ANY of our Original Hand-Made Custom Donuts that we produce fresh on the daily.  Seat belts are highly recommended while drinking this insanely fast cup of joe.


We have a wide variety of exquisitely crafted blends designed to produce robust, flavorful brewed coffee. These coffees are arranged according to degree of roast - from lightest to darkest - followed by a brief description to help you decide on your taste preference. A purist might select a favorite single-origin coffee to enjoy, again and again. But you need not limit yourselves to just one coffee: we also offer a variety of blends, with unique and interesting flavors. Our infusion blends are excellent for brewing with a French press, coffee siphon or drip coffee brewer. All of these methods will allow the true flavor and aromatic qualities of each coffee to transfer into the cup.

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